I've seen a lot of Pulse posts today, many of them the same reposts. I think that's wonderful. It brings me hope that so many people are aware of this tragedy. Like Lin-Manuel Miranda said earlier today, "A year later, and the loss and the shock still feels like just this morning." Personally, I don't have the correct words to describe my feelings about this. I just don't. I don't think any post will help as much as I want it to; my thoughts are rainbows and darkness and no words will fit inside them. But there are things I do know we need to remember, things that will help heal us as a community. Because there are parts of us that are very broken, and to heal we must first mend. We must remember that this was Latin night at Pulse, a celebration of the Latinx queer community. We must remember that queer and trans black and Latinx people, and all queer people of color, have voices and must be heard. We must give a voice to the immigrants within the queer community, because they have stories worth telling. And, simply, because we're all human; "the other" should not exist in our community. We are all worth something. Sameness exists only in our minds, and it goes by the name of Fear or Comfort. There are histories we have yet to hear, loves we have yet to discover. We must accept that we are all individuals part of a large community and an even larger world, and that no two people will ever be the same. As a community, we must not silence the minorities within us. We need to lift them up, because their unique voices lift our whole community up. We need to remember that this tragedy was about fear and hate, but we are about acceptance and love. We must find the courage to live our unique lives and speak our unique voices as loudly as we can. Let us remember, let us heal, and let us move forward. We are stronger together. Through it all we must remember we are human and we will falter, but we will also rise. We must rise.