Teaser Tuesday

Here's an unedited teaser from Watch Me, the first novel in the Hart Boys series which will follow five friends. Watch Me is Grant's story. Release date TBA. "There's nothing like waking up from a dirty dream with your cock gripped firmly in your fist, pumping in and out. Sweet, euphoric bliss making a mess on the sheets just as the sun peaks in through the window. Granted, it's not my first choice as to how I'd like to start my morning, but not all of us can wake up balls deep in Zac Efron. That was a fucking good dream. Sunlight blinks away then back again, and I stretch my legs out as far as I can in my bed. Run a hand through my hair and rest it on my bare chest, already warm from the sun. Slowly, barely touching my skin, I guide my fingers down to the trail of dark hair reaching from my stomach to my cock, and back up again. I breathe in, slow and deep, and hold a breath in my lungs until I can't take it anymore. I love mornings like this one, so quiet and still and calm. They make me feel like everything is perfect in the world, like I'm exactly where I should be." Remember, my debut ANYTHING BUT REAL is up for pre-order! Get ready for it! Amazon - https://goo.gl/M4VSy8 Barnes & Noble - https://goo.gl/ZRzEza